[ANNOUNCE] Git 1.7.10.rc4

Junio C Hamano gitster at pobox.com
Tue Apr 3 18:12:57 BST 2012

A release candidate Git 1.7.10-rc4 is now available for testing at
the usual places.

Relative to v1.7.10-rc3, this contains updated l10n (pt_PT added) and
fixes to "font" dialog in gitk running under tcl 8.4.  Also it tones down
the commitment to switching the default behaviour for an unconfigured "git
push" to "upstream" in the future.  We know we will switching away from
"matching", but it seems "current" vs "upstream" hasn't been settled yet.

The release tarballs are found at:


and their SHA-1 checksums are:

665ac967486424ace0007e52b83d8ead3dcfbbd7  git-1.7.10.rc4.tar.gz
b319fe588fc580abdf4c16a1cc6cb56966c43d83  git-htmldocs-1.7.10.rc4.tar.gz
6fbe7301f1ae1f701af150462b6df2537fca6cfd  git-manpages-1.7.10.rc4.tar.gz

Also the following public repositories all have a copy of the v1.7.10.rc4
tag and the master branch that the tag points at:

  url = git://repo.or.cz/alt-git.git
  url = https://code.google.com/p/git-core/
  url = git://git.sourceforge.jp/gitroot/git-core/git.git
  url = git://git-core.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/git-core/git-core
  url = https://github.com/gitster/git


Changes since v1.7.10-rc3 are as follows:

Heiko Voigt (1):
      string-list: document that string_list_insert() inserts unique strings

Jiang Xin (1):
      l10n: Improve zh_CN translation for Git 1.7.10-rc3

Junio C Hamano (3):
      merge: backport GIT_MERGE_AUTOEDIT support
      Git 1.7.10-rc4

Marco Sousa (1):
      l10n: Inital Portuguese Portugal language (pt_PT)

Pat Thoyts (2):
      gitk: fix tabbed preferences construction when using tcl 8.4
      gitk: fix setting font display with new tabbed dialog layout.

René Scharfe (1):
      config: remove useless assignment

Vincent van Ravesteijn (1):
      l10n: Add the Dutch translation team and initialize nl.po

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