[ANNOUNCE] tig-2.2.1

Jonas Fonseca jonas.fonseca at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 04:04:56 GMT 2016


A new minor version of tig is available which adds support for
diff-highlight (see instructions below) and navigation between merge
commits as well as several keybinding tweaks.

Tarballs should now be downloaded from GitHub. Either go to
https://github.com/jonas/tig/releases or use the following pattern:


MD5 checksums can be found at:


Similarly, the home page is now also on GitHub at
https://jonas.github.io/tig/. A big thanks to Simon L. B. Nielsen for
generously hosting Tig on nitro.dk!

Release notes

 - Support Git's 'diff-highlight' program when `diff-highlight` is set
   to either true or the path of the script to use for post-processing.
 - Add navigation between merge commits. (GH #525)
 - Add 'A' as a binding to apply a stash without dropping it.
 - Bind 'Ctrl-D' and 'Ctrl-U' to half-page movements by default.
 - manual: Mention how to change default Up/Down behavior in diff view.

Bug fixes

 - Reorganize checking of libraries for termcap functions.
 - Fix `:goto <id>` error message.

Change summary
The short diffstat and log summary for changes made in this release.

 118 files changed, 3765 insertions(+), 3284 deletions(-)

    22  Jonas Fonseca
     1  Frank Fesevur
     1  Jelte Fennema
     1  Jeremy Lin
     1  Parker Coates
     1  Philipp Gesang
     1  Ramsay Jones
     1  David Lin
     1  lightside

Jonas Fonseca

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