[ANNOUNCE] Git Merge Contributor's Summit Jan 31, 2019, Brussels

Jeff King peff at peff.net
Fri Nov 9 10:42:02 GMT 2018

Git Merge 2019 is happening on February 1st. There will be a
Contributor's Summit the day before. Here are the details:

  When: Thursday, January 31, 2019. 10am-5pm.
  Where: The Egg[1], Brussels, Belgium
  What: Round-table discussion about Git
  Who: All contributors to Git or related projects in the Git ecosystem
       are invited; if you're not sure if you qualify, please ask!

This email is just to announce the date so people can start planning.
You'll need to register eventually, but I don't have the invite codes
yet.  Registration should be similar to past years. In particular, if
you're coming to the contrib summit, DON'T register for the main
conference yet. I think the codes I get will cover both (and as with
previous years, contrib summit attendees will have the option of a
complimentary pass to the main conference, or can pay €99 that goes to
Software Freedom Conservancy).

The content / agenda is whatever we choose. There's some more discussion
on format in this thread from August:


though it sounds like people are mostly on board with what we've done in
past years. I'm looking into getting better A/V for remote attendance,
but I'm not sure yet what will be possible.

Any thoughts or discussion on format, content, etc are welcome. The only
thing set so far is the time and place. :)


[1] This is the same venue as 2017: https://goo.gl/maps/E36qCGJhK8J2

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