[ANNOUNCE] New Git PLC Members

Jeff King peff at peff.net
Tue Sep 25 22:51:14 BST 2018

I mentioned about a month ago in [1] that we needed to add members to
the committee representing the Git project as part of Software Freedom
Conservancy (see that email for details on what exactly that means :) ).

I'm happy to announce that this is now done, and both Christian and Ævar
are on the committee. Welcome to both of you!

As before, if you have project governance questions, the best point of
contact is git at sfconservancy.org, which goes to the four committee
members, along with a few Conservancy folks. Though unless it
specifically needs to be private, I'd generally encourage people to
raise issues first on the list so the whole community can discuss.


[1] https://public-inbox.org/git/20180816224138.GA15490@sigill.intra.peff.net/

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