[ANNOUNCE] Git v2.34.1 NonStop Builds Available

rsbecker at nexbridge.com rsbecker at nexbridge.com
Fri Nov 26 22:39:08 GMT 2021

The official builds for the HPE NonStop platforms for git 2.34.1 done by the ITUGLIB team are now available at the usual place at https://ituglib.connect-community.org/apps/Ituglib/SrchOpenSrcLib.xhtml for those of you who cannot do the builds yourselves. The builds were done on J06.22.00 and L21.06.00 for ia64-TNS/E and x86-TNS/X, respectively. Individual builds are available for each currently supported OpenSSL version (3.0.0, 1.1.1) and the unsupported 1.0.2 version. 

This release passes all tests except for the obvious t9001, because sendmail is not supported on platform.

Randall Becker
On behalf of the ITUGLIB Technical Committee.

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