[ANNOUNCE] Git for Windows 2.39.0(2)

Johannes Schindelin johannes.schindelin at gmx.de
Wed Dec 21 14:45:09 GMT 2022

Dear Git users,

I hereby announce that Git for Windows 2.39.0(2) is available from:


Changes since Git for Windows v2.39.0 (December 12th 2022)

New Features

  * Comes with PCRE2 v10.42.
  * Comes with Git Credential Manager v2.0.886.
  * Comes with MinTTY v3.6.3.
  * Comes with cURL v7.87.0.

Bug Fixes

  * The installer is expected to stop GPG agents automatically, but
    there was a bug that prevented that from working, which has been
  * A regression that caused no_proxy to be ignored was fixed by
    upgrading libcurl.
  * The Git Credential Manager version shipped with Git for Windows
    v2.39.0 could not always find its UI helper which was fixed by
    upgrading to a fixed version.
  * A bug in MinTTY caused it to throw a Critical Error when the
    printer spool service was not started, which was fixed by upgrading

Git- | 8cf0ee3efaabe8a9b9b6b6889ae0ed369d9f1c85696ad637e715959921ed71c3
Git- | eb5a8bd17995117a3bcdb0b9fcec74141ae6b1a74fe960fd0c9192a2b1d9c903
PortableGit- | 0a58c7b062a29bc44fb573c9afc5323011d01237dd94c74e6c833929cfe25436
PortableGit- | 042de3e9f87e529ee53ed31385bc76b39a9794c32c18ea7c62e3e6445dd8484d
MinGit- | 771e7bef1b672e3f63b18b8c4a62d626c8f47c41390a745f313758c0b6ae4d63
MinGit- | a5ac14121bb0fe879355f58db15aae41205046b7cd1832df40d1e784aa8e1c70
MinGit- | 4337be32536f6840da4ef67ef93996a3808b774c4f61e3a2a585f5d968d1b1d3
MinGit- | f68c4c5dce5cda8743d8a134174d1cbf0e0af725791bbc3c4062f3fdf93094b2
Git- | 1e81e8b0026cfa71050f81abf10669733a7b66b44c68e5a9448ace15cf521030
Git- | bf5e3281378e8ed23f6bff3f3e1ef7d84932050c2f590f75e4f19d419b7387ec


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