[ANNOUNCE] Git for Windows 2.37.1

Johannes Schindelin johannes.schindelin at gmx.de
Tue Jul 12 18:20:23 BST 2022

Dear Git users,

I hereby announce that Git for Windows 2.37.1 is available from:


Changes since Git for Windows v2.37.0 (June 27th 2022)

This release addresses CVE-2022-31012 and CVE-2022-29187.

New Features

  * Comes with Git v2.37.1.
  * Comes with OpenSSL v1.1.1q.
  * Comes with Git Credential Manager Core v2.0.785.
  * Comes with tig v2.5.5.

Bug Fixes

  * Pasting large amounts of text in Git for Windows' Bash when running
    inside Windows Terminal often resulted in garbled text, which has
    been fixed.
  * The Perl module perl-Clone which linked to a non-existing DLL was
    rebuilt to fix the issue.
  * The Git for Windows installer can no longer be tricked into running
    an untrusted git.exe in elevated mode (CVE-2022-31012).
  * When running Git in a world-writable directory owned by the current
    user (think C:\Windows\Temp, when running under the SYSTEM
    account), the checks for dubious ownership of the .git directory
    now detect this situation properly (CVE-2022-29187).

Git-2.37.1-64-bit.exe | 1966761ad2c9e4cbd38f9e583b1125949b011a5a250a99d65e9bb21958e6ef8b
Git-2.37.1-32-bit.exe | 714069fe4291c4ca7a51f7e7e81b0c94038590294f3b9e0981456a664c92966b
PortableGit-2.37.1-64-bit.7z.exe | b0bc403bb03326b835e239b3bf7c0af277f43eba5421132dc8531204c78b6b25
PortableGit-2.37.1-32-bit.7z.exe | 1a32f1de26d52ef866f27db395d8ab6bd9dc4c53bfc0161937b20f8749b4d96b
MinGit-2.37.1-64-bit.zip | edacf2d5c39555c25a396e0b9d27182ab5587259dc2e824b4490996b373f9300
MinGit-2.37.1-32-bit.zip | b336137fb286552c5c2616af50c54e9aca7d16a24ec1b00189a6c221a81af14c
MinGit-2.37.1-busybox-64-bit.zip | 1fb7db2cb181ef962e06b1b99c4b254b3ace6f6dce73740bd498d3948189ca42
MinGit-2.37.1-busybox-32-bit.zip | 7470ec55d4ac0ddc3738614dbfe6642770a001b0bae9d3c944e22e25019bf16d
Git-2.37.1-64-bit.tar.bz2 | b1c87e136947102ce32f75ef880ebee79b547f8ef33bb1b5010c3455ac83a655
Git-2.37.1-32-bit.tar.bz2 | b0fef8f618e5e5cdad200571211fb6b42be595ef55bf8b648b8211c8bd5e02ea


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