[ANNOUNCE] Git Merge 2023 updates

Taylor Blau me at ttaylorr.com
Mon Jun 26 22:30:54 BST 2023

I wanted to share a couple of updates on the status of Git Merge:

	- GitHub will not be hosting an in-person event for Git Merge this

  - Instead, we will focus our efforts on hosting a virtual
    Contributor's Summit, the details of which are TBD.

The decision to not host an in-person event was a difficult one to make,
but necessary given the current economic conditions and their effect on
travel budgets for conferences.

When I asked[1] about which location folks preferred for Git Merge, a
number of replies indicated that nobody on their team would be able to
attend unless speaking. I think it's a safe assumption that other
individuals who would be travelling on behalf of their employer are in a
similar situation.

That said, I plan on hosting an virtual Contributor's Summit in
late-September or so for folks who are working on Git to get together.

This year's will likely look a lot different than the Contributor's
Summit we held last year in Chicago, IL. That said, a couple of

  - If you are interested in joining, and aren't sure whether or not you
    are able to, please feel free to shoot me a message off-list and

  - If you have suggestions about the format of the day,
    video-conferencing related suggestions, or anything else that you
    think could improve the Contributor's Summit, please also feel more
    than free to let me know.

I regret not being able to see everybody in person this year, but I'm
hopeful that we'll get a chance to make up for it next year :-). Until


[1]: https://lore.kernel.org/git/ZEyDcBcGmLznqKzD@nand.local/

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