[ANNOUNCE] Git for Windows 2.41.0-rc0

Johannes Schindelin johannes.schindelin at gmx.de
Wed May 17 14:55:02 BST 2023

Dear Git users,

I hereby announce that Git for Windows 2.41.0-rc0 is available from:


Changes since Git for Windows v2.40.1 (April 25th 2023)

As announced previously, Git for Windows will drop support for Windows
7 and for Windows 8 in one of the next versions, following Cygwin's and
MSYS2's lead (Git for Windows relies on MSYS2 for components such as
Bash and Perl).

Following the footsteps of the MSYS2 and Cygwin projects on which Git
for Windows depends, the 32-bit variant of Git for Windows is being
phased out. As of Git for Windows v2.41.0, the 32-bit variant of the
POSIX emulation layer (known as "MSYS2 runtime", powering Git Bash
among other components shipped with Git for Windows) is in maintenance
mode and will only see security bug fixes (if any). Users relying on
32-bit Git for Windows are highly encouraged to switch to the 64-bit
version whenever possible.

New Features

  * Comes with Git v2.41.0-rc0.
  * Comes with OpenSSH v9.3p1
  * Comes with cURL v8.0.1.
  * Comes with MinTTY v3.6.4.
  * The Git for Windows installer now also includes the Git LFS
    documentation (i.e. git help git-lfs now works).
  * Comes with Perl v5.36.1.
  * Comes with GNU Privacy Guard v2.2.41.
  * Comes with Git Credential Manager v2.1.2.
  * Comes with MSYS2 runtime (Git for Windows flavor) based on Cygwin
    3.4.6. (This does not extend to 32-bit Git for Windows, which is
    stuck with v3.3.* of the MSYS2 runtime forever.)
  * To help with Git for Windows' release mechanics, Git for Windows
    now ships with two variants of libcurl.

Bug Fixes

  * Git GUI's Repository>Explore Working Copy was broken since v2.39.1,
    which has been fixed.

Git-2.41.0-rc0-64-bit.exe | 7b0bfa1e1e059f7bc5e5a5a172f3da0fac8e1f5b6011366527ed6afcc50a82aa
Git-2.41.0-rc0-32-bit.exe | 2048117413bdda01eaa358f9451973876e0e06b7011fe0636f8df794b6b5ad8f
PortableGit-2.41.0-rc0-64-bit.7z.exe | 09085f5414f97e406b13a023482684d2728bb9788eca687dbf19434ab157ef96
PortableGit-2.41.0-rc0-32-bit.7z.exe | cff7a350d6b312112b1cf4eb33344f37a6c85bdca8dc07ce90a23752b01abd47
MinGit-2.41.0-rc0-64-bit.zip | 7b45fc53600f19008d322848305551fbc5600136caae0769ee6d10774c3688a4
MinGit-2.41.0-rc0-32-bit.zip | c49966732c4ba4b8c76057c2ebc13981f39be728c454aaf5849db3833ce049a9
MinGit-2.41.0-rc0-busybox-64-bit.zip | 8792014287b6327bccec16f1ad7d970b10f0566b667f40c57462e6e27b98e0fd
MinGit-2.41.0-rc0-busybox-32-bit.zip | 67030d81d36caf0febab51d0fd1e3f20d2441197b3ca306d41f5f7658c3399a1
Git-2.41.0-rc0-64-bit.tar.bz2 | e741dc0cc7211e974d588f624fa566a4b92e50317e3f735894b443583c8e5d0e
Git-2.41.0-rc0-32-bit.tar.bz2 | 0c0a97258b36b1054c97379b59ad5fe674e539d366618e7df1bc2e20e5666c5d


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